Peony Floral Design, Tasburgh, Norwich.


I am an independent florist based in the South Norfolk village of Tasburgh. For many years I have longed to turn my passion into my livelihood and in 2014 the opportunity finally arose for me to change my career and launch Peony Floral Design.

My work is inspired by Victorian language of flowers, which is a historical concept whereby every flower has a unique meaning or definition. I apply this principle to create bouquets and designs containing a special message, thus making your gift or wedding bouquet entirely unique to you. 

Whilst I was discussing the branding of my business, I was reminded of a story that my Mum once told me. My grandfather always grew Peonies in his garden and when my Mum moved away from the family home in Norwich, he gifted her a cutting from his plant, which is still going strong in her garden today. According to the language of flowers, Peonies represent good fortune and happiness. It is a story and message I wanted to apply to my new venture.

Whether you would like flowers for a special event, wedding or simply to add some character to your home, please browse through the website, or feel free to contact me; I would love to hear from you.


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